【CD】element of the moment「OKINAWAN NIGHTS」(沖縄 / Okinawa)

【CD】element of the moment「OKINAWAN NIGHTS」(沖縄 / Okinawa)
“New Okinawan Jazz Attitude”

“New Okinawan Jazz Attitude”
Strong originality and performance that resonates with heart
This is the future of Okinawan Jazz.

沖縄のジャズ・ユニットelement of the moment(エレメント・オブ・ザ・モーメント / 通称:エレモ)のニューアルバムです。2017年2月に沖縄県那覇市のSound M'sにてライブレコーディングした音源です。

Okinawan jazz unit "element of the moment" released new album called "OKINAWAN NIGHTS". This album was live recorded at Sound M's ,Naha-city , Okinawa , Japan on Feburary 2017.

収録楽曲 / Tracks
1. Okinawan Like
2. There | Here
3. a Girl in Blue
4. a Moon and Darkness
5. Nina’s
6. Through You
7. World Keep Spinning
8. An Ordinary Happy Day

element of the moment Profile / Biography

Sax :Tadashi Kohamoto / 小波本 正
Trombone : Mitshuhiro Wada / 和田充弘
Piano: Kota Sayama / 佐山こうた
Bass: Hideki Takao / 高尾英樹
Drum & Composer : Akira Nakamura / 中村 亮

沖縄ならではのあたたかい音と、緻密な編曲そして即興性をもったグループ、element of the moment,、通称エレモ。

An Okinawan Jazz Band, Formed in July 2007 in Okinawa.
Their music is based on American Jazz and Funk with Okinawa roots music influenced. Since the day of the forming of the band , they played at a jazz bar in Naha city Okinawa every week for 2 years. They created a few new songs almost every week. Now their originals are over 100 songs.

They’ve been invited to perform at Taipei International Jazz festival, Okinawa International Music Festival, Ueda Joint in Nagano.

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